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10:17 AM


Painstakingly written by Jason Tanner

She's afraid of strangers;
She is terrified at the sight of our friendly newspaper delivery guy;
She hides at the first indication that a dump truck is near;
Fireworks ignite the fear in her....
Yup, that's my dog Taffy.
But I can't totally blame her for it, before she's been weaned, she's been moved from home to home with different people taking care of her. Until i took her home that is, poor thing must be traumatized and still has some bad memories of it, she's improved a lot though. Now at least she barks at strangers, albeit only behind the safety of a locked gate + grille door (give her a break, my mum used to say she's useless as a guard dog because she doesn't bark at all). Fireworks doesn't scare her as much nowadays, the newspaper guy and dump truck is another story... Yup, that's Taffy. And don't get me started on the way she sleeps...
"你睇吓佢,噉樣瞓哦。有贼进来都唔知啦!" my mom would say in cantonese, which means "look at the way she sleeps, she won't even notice if a burglar comes in!"

And this one is a class act....

9:50 AM

I'm not allergic to bee stings...

Painstakingly written by Jason Tanner

Just got stung at the back of my neck by a freakin' bee...i wonder how it got in too my shirt. Few months back there was a bee hive right in front of my house, a couple of people got stung, but no big deal. Fearing it would harm my puppy-to-be (well it wasn't officially mine that time), i got the Fire dept to remove it.

Well seems like the troops left a couple of troopers behind enemy lines waiting to pounce on a kamikaze mission. They decided that today was the day for them to drop the bomb, and i was the main target...

Though not as painful as others have described, this lil stinger can be (for my case, literally) a pain in the neck, an hour after the sting, and i still have this annoying burning sensation on my neck right now.

Well at least now I know that I won't die just because a couple of bees decided stick their sharp bottoms into me...

...which is a good thing,




10:48 AM


Painstakingly written by Jason Tanner

I don't know... suddenly feel like writing something just to keep my blog alive (or is it too late??)

Went to watch Inception last night, was it good? Not bad I would say, but with all the hype going around, it made me expected more out of the movie. The whole concept is good but not new to me, because my mind likes to wander and come up with ideas like this... like what if...

What if the life we're living in is just a dream? That we may wake up someday realizing it's just another dream? Or worse still, forget everything tht has happen. Friends and family that I have and hold dear to my heart in this "dream" may end up being my annoying boss or the super competitive colleague who tries everything he/she can to step on you in order to climb up the pecking order. On the other (scarrier) hand, the one person you absolutely despise may be the person lying next to you when you open yor eyes in the morning.

Or what if... this one is more complex and harder to explain. Say, our soul has only a day's lifespan? Let's say our soul can only last for a day, an everytime we go to sleep it dies and a new soul replaces the old one but retains it's memory? Then what we perceive as a continuous life might just be a database of memory, it's like backing up all the data on a computer, reformat it, and then loading the same data back in over and over again...Does it look the same? Yes. Does feel the same? Yes. Does it respond to your command the same way? Yes.... to the users at least it is, but what will happen to the original data that's being deleted? The 'me' from yesterday? That means the 'me' right now won't even know that I'll be gone forever and be replaced when I go to sleep?

Ok, thinking too much, need to go read the bible and anchor myself before I drift into Neverland...

5:05 PM

I Promise....

Painstakingly written by Jason Tanner

I will update my blog soooon.... :P

Everyone knows I'm a lazy writer and I hate writing, heck I feel lazy just thinking about it.
Hence gathering the mental and physical strength to do it will take a long long time, but i think i took a wee bit too long for the past few months to churn up something. So i promise, a promise to myself, to update by next week! Ok la, I give myself until the end of this month. CNY la, need a break. ;)

Nic is going to India for 3 months, hope he doesn't get lost or forget to come back. I need an experienced pianist in my team. BUt without him around maybe i can smuggle his imitation x2 Les Paul to my house.

K, till next round, have a gr8-8-8-8-8t cny of flourishing. Cheers

10:59 PM


Painstakingly written by Jason Tanner

Think you're safe? Think again...

Approximately 2/3 of rapes were committed by someone known to the victim.
73% of sexual assaults were perpetrated by a non-stranger.
38% of rapists are a friend or acquaintance.
28% are an intimate.
7% are a relative.

More than 50% of all rape/sexual assault incidents were reported by victims to have occured within 1 mile of their home or at their home.
4 in 10 take place at the victim's home.
2 in 10 take place at the home of a friend, neighbor, or relative.
1 in 12 take place in a parking garage.

Visit for more stats.

12:16 PM

Someone (actually) stole my contents!!

Painstakingly written by Jason Tanner

I really couldn't believe when it first appeared on the screen... my post...on someone else's blog!! Ok, ok, rewind a bit. Well lately, i kind of felt like picking up where i stopped and start blogging again. And I noticed after a stopping for a couple of months, there are a few posts that still attracts visitors to my blog, especially the one about a guy being hit by golf ball (God knows why people actually search for stuffs like this) and the one about installing google pinyin. To massage my ego a bit, i went and googled "google pinyin installation" :p But know what? my post wasn't even on the first 3 pages of the search, instead I saw my materials on the first page...with someone else's blog title...Should I be happy because my stuffs are copy-worthy?

He actually copied everything word for word...and on the same day i posted it

This is what you call copy "bulat-bulat", and later i sent him and email, this is his reply It was nice of him to reply, and edit he did...this much... swt...

*edit: the said post has since been removed from his site.

4:48 PM

Yet another late(r) lunch

Painstakingly written by Jason Tanner

Well, this is my lunch+breakfast @4.40pm. Considering the amount of food I usually consume, it's a wonder how i can last half a day without anything :P